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Choose the best countertops for your Seattle/Tacoma home

ABS knows that every home improvement project requires careful decision-making and attention to detail, and that’s exactly what we provide for homeowners ready to begin their countertop journey.

Add true value to your home and witness your design dreams take form when you choose ABS as your go-to business for your kitchen countertop. Watch your kitchen transform in the most spectacular way with hundreds of options, superior customer service, and affordable prices. 


Five-Star Quality

When you trust ABS to service your countertops, you’ll never sacrifice on quality. Aside from our expert professionals and their expert knowledge, you’ll get customized stone or quartz that’s cut precisely to your custom dimensions and needs. Instead of depending on manmade skills, we use a futuristic machine that’s spot on every time. 

Timely & Efficient

ABS knows that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. We also know that there’s nothing worse than waiting weeks and months for your kitchen remodel to be completed. Instead of counting down the days for your project to be done, we have hundreds of countertops of all varieties and stones to choose from that are fully stocked and ready for installation. 

wave goodbye to clean-up and messes when you work with us. As a local Tacoma business, we’re able to fabricate your stone right here in our factory – saving you time and energy for all your dream projects. 



If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s the fact that ABS believes dust, water damage, and messes don’t belong inside your home. Because of our local facility in the Tacoma area, we’re able to fabricate stones off site and then bring them to you – leaving all the mess behind. 

Reasonable Pricing

When it comes to your kitchen remodel and renovations, we’re confident that your contractors and renovation professionals will love working with ABS. Aside from affordable pricing, we also ensure their profitability and an on-time completion in order to better predict timelines, meet deadlines, and gain referrals from happy customers. 

Diversity is a fundamental element of our business, which is why we make it a priority to boast an extensive catalog of natural stone, granite, and quartz options. We have over 20 years of experience working with granite, stone, and quartz, which allows us to have the largest variety of materials handpicked and imported from quarries all over the world. Our portfolio ranges from extremely modern and trendy to sophisticated, traditional, and classic styles for all preferences. 

Before you begin your home renovation project, make sure to ask your interior designer, contractor, or renovation professional to shop at ABS Countertops to find the highest quality and reasonable prices.  

Unlike other professionals who often use satisfactory equipment to hand-cut your stone and quartz inside your home, ABS takes a different approach. Forget the horror stories of kitchens covered in dust, furniture ruined from water damage, and having to wrap entire rooms to avoid the inevitable. Instead, ABS fabricates your countertop within our facility using precise measurements and our state-of-the-art machine to keep all of the risks of damage outside of the comfort of the safe space you call home. Instead of relying on the skill of a contractor and the risks associated with cutting products inside your home, let us do the dirty work.

At ABS Countertops Tacoma, we use industrial fabricating machines that are programmed digitally with exact measurements to ensure a countertop that comes out flawlessly. Additionally, our technology is able to cut through  materials much thicker than standard stone, which often includes the high-end, elegant stones that are hard to manufacture without our cutter. If you’re seeking a certain product and someone tells you it’s impossible to cut because of the thickness, make sure to check with ABS Countertops Tacoma first. You’ll realize that someone elses “no” is our “absolutely.”

Because your home is your prized possession, it’s not worth the risk of installing countertops that are poorly-cut and hastily installed. You also shouldn’t have to miss out on your top-choice just because it’s larger than 3cm in thickness. When you work with ABS Countertops Tacoma to provide you the most incredibly cut stone, the result is a beautiful countertop that not only increases your home’s value, but also is aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.  

We understand just how important the decision to take on a countertop project is, which is why we have the utmost pride when it comes to our craftsmanship and quality. When you come to ABS Countertops Tacoma first, you can know that you’re receiving the superior solution for kitchen countertops and you’ll be so thankful you chose us.